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BBIG dealers have to have a passion for children's eyewear !

That’s why BBIG exclusively works with dealers who take your child seriously.

Dealers with extensive collections


Two options isn't much of a choice at all. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find the perfect frame. We worked with our in-house opticians to develop the BBIG BOX system, which gives customers 48 stylish children's frames to choose from. In other words: options aplenty! Click on the link to find a local optician with a BBIG BOX near you. This link lists all of the participating dealers in your area.

Dealers with XXL collections


This dealer decided to expand the BBIG BOX with an extensive range of BBIG frames. Most dealers carry at least 75 frames in different styles, colors, and sizes.


Are you an optician or an optometrist who sells children’s glasses?
If so, click here for more information.