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New school year and children's glasses - Why is it so important to have an eye test at the start of a new school year?

New school year and children's glasses - Why is it so important to have an eye test at the start of a new school year?

New school year and children's glasses - Why is it so important to have an eye test at the start of a new school year?

 “It is a fact that at the beginning of the school year children's glasses are checked and more eye measurements are performed. Children can indeed fall behind in learning if they do not have proper glasses. Why does a child's nearsightedness increase?”

New school year and children's glasses - Why is it so important to have an eye test at the start of a new school year?

An eye test at the beginning of a new school year is very important for a child. Fewer and fewer children are playing outside. We don't see much more hide and seek, curbs or a game of balls together on the football field in the neighborhood. Research shows that children prefer to look closer - at the computer and television, but also on tablets and mobile phones. Unfortunately, this is mostly not without consequences. Looking close takes much more effort and hinders sometimes the growth process of your child's eyeball. The length of the eye develops in childhood and determines the rest of life. If the eye grows too far, the child needs glasses to see clearly and sharply far away.


What are the consequences of late eye checks on your child? - Good children's eye test.

Poor vision sometimes has major consequences at a later stage in your child's life. An annual eye test for children's glasses is therefore very important in order not to hinder school performance and future prospects." Myopia has increased significantly in the Netherlands. The specter is Asia. In Asian countries, the percentages of visually impaired children 60 years ago were around the 10-20% Today, 90% of teens and young adults have eye problems that need to be corrected, caused by intensive screen use, long school days and lots of homework assignments.

Impaired vision affects school performance

The consequences of reduced vision can be very annoying for your child's school performance. When a child suffers from something, a child never immediately realizes whether he needs glasses or not. It is difficult for them to make clear that they cannot see everything well at school, why they always have headaches or are easily distracted. On the other hand, you can often notice it in the behavior of your child. Common problems are loss of concentration or it is noticed that they have difficulty reading books. Because a link is not quickly made between a deteriorated concentration and eye complaints, it is important that your child's eyes are checked every school year.


Eye test for children from 0 to 8 years - How?

Several sources show that your child's eyes are already tested several times when they have to go to the child health center for a check-up. At a later stage with the school doctor. Much due attention is given to this. As you may have read before, your child's eyes are still developing strongly until they are more or less eight years old. Opticians are therefore not allowed to perform an eye test. The eye test should be performed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Do you have the idea that your child already has impaired vision? Then we would like to advise you to go to an ophthalmologist and not an optometrist. The work partly corresponds to that of the optometrist, but the main difference is that the ophthalmologist can prescribe but also carry out medical treatment. You also go to an ophthalmologist because an ophthalmologist can also recognize other abnormalities and diseases that can cause the aforementioned complaints. You cannot go to an ophthalmologist to have children's glasses fitted – you can do this at an optometrist. Some opticians also have an optometrist.

Course of the eye test in very young children - what to take into account?

Glasses must of course be sharp. There are several tests that the ophthalmologist performs to see what your child needs. Various eye measurement equipment is used for this. Don't underestimate it! Quite an exciting day for your toddler or preschooler. Impressive equipment and lots of incentives. Some eye tests are also difficult for children to understand. Occasionally reading the numbers and letters takes a lot of effort due to the tension and gives a distorted picture of the results. It is important that the child is well prepared for what is to come and that the child is approached positively. Fortunately, today we have a well-developed technique and can screen the child's eyes without conscious communication. Of course, the technique should not determine the strength, but it is a nice means of control.

Eye test determined - Choose glasses online

After the eye test, with the prescription at hand, you can surf online with your child for nice trendy glasses! The eye test with being on the road a lot already makes a big impression on a child. Nice and quiet at home on the couch or at the kitchen table, choosing a frame together has never been so fun and easy. We certainly have suitable glasses for your toddler or preschooler! Our range is colorful and we have a wide choice of children's glasses. When you have found the right glasses, you can order them online or go to your local dealer found at our dealers map.


Psst... listen carefully to your child's choice. Children have good taste and know well what they like. When your child chooses the glasses himself, you can be sure that the glasses will be worn with great pleasure!

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