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Children's designer glasses

Children's designer glasses

Fortunately, the boring era of children's glasses with monotonous frames with thick jam jar lenses is far behind us. Wearing glasses isn't stupid or something to be ashamed of, it's really cool and hip. With your glasses you make a statement, show who you are and you can complete your outfit. Kids have good taste too and are often very outspoken about what they want. Every child is unique and has a unique taste and needs. The range of trendy children's glasses is therefore becoming increasingly extensive. Where do the glasses actually come from? And what are the children's eyewear trends of 2022?

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The history of glasses

The glasses have come a long way before coming to the market in their current form. The first spectacle lens was used by Emperor Nero, the fifth emperor of the Roman Empire. He lived from AD 37 to 68 (AD) and watched gladiator fights through a piece of emerald. Another 12 centuries passed before the first 'real' spectacle lenses were made. Glasses as we know them today we're not developed until the 18th century.
The basis for the glasses was laid in the 13th century by Italian monks. They drag glass that they used as a kind of magnifying glass to read. 'Eyeglasses' were then manufactured and sold in several places. The famous Murano glass factory in Venice made the first 'real' glasses in 1352. They were able to make and grind very soft glass and place them in a frame made of horn, wood or iron.
To this day, lenses and frames are further developed and there are trends that come and go.


Trendy children's designer glasses in 2022

This year, old frame classics are being revived. Contemporary vintage, that is the hallmark of the trendy children's designer glasses in 2022. The eyewear fashion 'from the past' forms the basis of the trendy children's glasses 'today'. Models from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s have been given a new look and are indispensable in the street scene.

  • Strong, colorful frames : the brightly colored glasses are all the rage this year. A daring, statement pair of glasses that really makes you happy.
  • Aviator : the pilot glasses. This real old -time classic is an indispensable part of the eyewear range this year. You will definitely steal the show with this cool classic.
  • Cat eye and butterfly : a round frame that tapers on the outside. These butterfly frames are super stylish and glamorous . These are glasses for the real girly girl.
  • Oversized: the bigger the better. Big frames are all the rage this year. Guts and style, that's what this type of frame stands for.
  • Angular frames: Square or hexagonal ( hexagon ) frames are back again. If you don't like standard and want to stand out, this type of frame is for you.
  • Transparent : airy, playful and natural. Transparent frames make your eyes stand out beautifully and easily match any outfit or style.


This is how you pick out trendy children's glasses

When you step into an eyewear store, it might be hard to make a good choice. Where do you start the search for trendy children's  designer glasses?

  • The format: Depending on the age of your child, you can usually rule out a large number of glasses. At BBig , for example, we distinguish toddler, boys, girls and teenage glasses. There are suitable sizes (and materials) for each age category.
    In general, the frame and lenses together should not be wider than your child's face and that more compact frames are more sturdy and stable.
    However, do not opt for a frame that is too small/compact. Glasses that are too small can ensure that the view is not equally good in all directions .

  • Materials: Children's glasses are usually made of sturdy materials such as plastic, metal, acetate and rubber. Rubber is a more flexible material and for that reason you mainly see it in teenage glasses.
    The glasses are made of plastic on polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is sturdier than plastic and therefore very 'vandal- proof '. Unfortunately, there is more color dispersion (yellow and blue edges around objects), so that in many cases plastic is chosen.

  • make it fun : make your visit to the optician and eyewear shop an outing. Keep it positive, light-hearted, cozy and take your time. Does an eye test need to be done? Prepare your child for this in advance, because this can be exciting. Give some explanation beforehand so they know what to expect.
    Let your kids try on different frames in the store and don't forget to say they look nice.
    Choose glasses that you as a parent, but also your child, support. The more your child likes the glasses, the greater the chance that he or she will enjoy wearing them.
    Challenges per age:
    - 4-6 years: kids of this age are not always able to indicate what they like or don't like and get bored faster. Don't try on too many glasses at once and do you notice that 'the cake is gone'? Then come back another time to continue fitting.
    - 6-8 years: In this age group, children's tastes become more and more apparent. However, making a good assessment or substantiating their choice is still a challenge for kids of this age. Pay attention to the body language and support when making a choice.
    - 9-10 years: the opinion of others is becoming an increasingly important factor in the choice of glasses. Doubt about the right choice therefore affects many children of this age. Put your child at ease, take your time and give positive feedback.
    - 11-12 years: these are the adolescents in the making. Parental interference can be appreciated less (or not at all) at this age. Let your pre-adolescent (possibly with a boyfriend or girlfriend) go on a search for himself and make adjustments carefully and preferably as unnoticed as possible in the choice of your child.


  • you're not in this alone : we are happy to assist kids and their parents in finding good, trendy glasses. We give advice from both a practical and aesthetic point of view and we also know how to get your child excited to wear glasses. So don't hesitate to ask for help, we've got you !

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