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Children may be a little shorter than us and have higher voices. They may occasionally be impetuous, need to be given some direction from time to time, and still have a whole lot to learn. This doesn't mean children have no fashion sense. Quite the opposite is true: kids instinctively know what they like, and what they do not. This also applies to their choice of glasses. After all, they are the ones who will have to face the school playground wearing them…

The world according to BBIG

In BBIG's eyes, the standards set for adult glasses should also be applied to children glasses. Your child needs to like the style of his or her frames, and the materials also need to meet his or her approval. The frames need to be appealing, exciting, daring and stylish, and certainly not childish. They need to have been attractively designed with an eye for detail. The range on offer needs to be wide, with something for everyone.

An extensive range

BBIG has an extensive range of kids’ frames that look mature. This does not mean that our glasses are miniature versions of adult glasses as children still have their own particular aesthetic preferences. Our style is what you might call uninhibited, lively and light, with a dash of humour. Furthermore, children’s faces have different proportions to those of adults and the measurements of the optical frames therefore need to be adjusted accordingly.


Then there is the quality of the frames. Children run, play, romp around, lol about, fall, jump and sometimes think that they can even fly. In short, this means that their glasses are subjected to many challenges and therefore need to be not only extremely strong, but also flexible. As far as BBIG is concerned, this does not necessarily mean that kids’ frames should be made of reinforced steel. By using modern materials and techniques during manufacturing, BBIG produces kids’ optical frames which are very elegant, aesthetically pleasing and also practically indestructible.

Kids think big - BBIG!


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