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“After qualifying as an optician and optometrist, I took over my father’s business in 1996. The first thing I did was to upgrade the shop. My father wanted to do business with every brand and had over 30 brands represented in his store. That was not what I wanted. I wanted to have a smaller amount of brands available, and for these brands to be really special. However, I didn’t opt for the customary stylish brands, such as Gucci or Rodenstock, but instead for real designer brands.

By making such a decision like I did, you automatically target a certain group of people. These people may also have children who need stylish glasses. These glasses have to have an attractive frame, not a basic frame covered by health insurance or one from the Walt Disney range. Just stylish kids’ glasses or, in other words, glasses for children that look mature. At that time these were nowhere to be found. Until I went to an exhibition in Paris and came across a French manufacturer. He didn’t have optical frames like that either, but was interested in the story I had to tell. He was also prepared to make a batch of glasses for me in small numbers and at an attractive price. “Just let me know what you want,” he said. So I did. I started off with one frame in three sizes and five or six colours, so thirty options in total. This was in October 1999, and in January of the following year the frames arrived. I then approached all of the people who had ever asked me for children’s frames, and the people in my customer database who were likely to have children. Hardly a month had gone by before I made a new appointment with my French contact. I needed to place new orders for all of the optical frames and had also designed six new frames. He laughed at me outright, saying that I would never sell them and that I was throwing my money away. My response was that he should just make the order for the same price as the first batch - it would be fun for him and he would also make a bit of money.

In the meantime the ball had started rolling. Other opticians had heard that I had attractive children’s optical frames and wanted to know if they could buy them from me. At first I told them this wasn't possible, but after taking 25 calls from opticians asking the same question, I started to reconsider. So I then ordered larger stocks and hired someone to go on the road for me, selling the frames. That was back in August 2000 and I would have been happy if I had 15 to 20 sales outlets by the end of the year. I ended up with 35 sales outlets. In 2002 it was so busy that I had to make a decision – it was either the shop or BBIG. No need to ask what I chose.”

Rob Bresser, creator, originator, and owner of BBIG

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